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Looking for a good restaurant in the Newlands area?

Guests often say A Tavola is one of the best restaurants in the Newlands area. While we’re not strictly in Newlands itself, we’re only 7 minutes away from the Newlands rugby stadium and with free underground and on-street parking, we’re close and convenient:

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A Tavola Menu Prices

You will notice that we do not include prices in our online menus. While we have our reasons, we understand your need for a good value-for-money Italian meal in Cape Town, without being ripped off. We also know that there are

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Cape Town dining focusses on freshness and full flavours

Over the past decade there has been a gastronomic revolution that would suggest Cape Town dining is up there with the best in the world. As the chefs and winemakers are keen to point out, the emphasis today is on fresh

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What makes a great local restaurant?

Whisper it, but a ‘great local restaurant’ doesn’t even have to be that good, technically. They can be, but it is not a requirement. A Tavola isn’t on a mission to win culinary awards and yet, for many locals, we’re a

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Scrumptious, heart-warming Sunday lunch

No one can deny – especially on a blustery Cape Town winter Sunday – that there is something magical about Sunday lunch – whether it is the exceptional heart-warming food that’s typically served or the fact that this is usually

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One of Cape Town’s best secret places

“A Tavola is an authentic and utterly delicious Italian restaurant in Claremont. Bernard and I ventured into the ‘burbs to try out its best-kept secret (well, to us it’s a secret – us townies had little to no knowledge of its brilliant

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A hidden gem in Cape Town

As a Capetonian, what, for you, defines a ‘hidden gem’? This is a question we often ask our regular guests. Here are some of their responses: “I have lived in Cape Town for over 10 years and had never been to A

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What it takes to be one of the top restaurants in Cape Town

As a Capetonian, what, for you, defines a great ‘local restaurant’? How do you choose your top restaurants in Cape Town? These are the questions we ask our regular guests. Here are some of their responses: “Decent ingredients, consistently well prepared –

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Take a break from Cavendish Square restaurants

After a busy morning shopping, or when you feel like a change from the same-old, same-old Cavendish Square Restaurants, why not pop down the road to A Tavola Authentic Italian Restaurant? We’re conveniently located less than 1 kilometre away from Cavendish Square,

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Restaurante Italiano Ciudad del Cabo

A Tavola Auténtica Comida Italiana Somos especialistas en fresco, al estilo casero comida italiana y los ingredientes de temporada, con un énfasis en la simplicidad y sabor. Vieni a tavola, Vieni a mangiare … A Tavola trae el verdadero sabor de

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