Italian Desserts (Dolci)

Italian Desserts (Dolci)

Browse our gallery of delectable Italian Desserts, known as dolce in Italian. In Italy, dolce is traditionally enjoyed after a cheese platter. Our dolce (plural dolci) selection includes the following desserts, but note that due to availability of fresh produce, every dish listed here may not be available on the day of your visit.

    • Dolci

    • Torta di Cioccolato

      Torta di Cioccolato

      Baked chocolate tart served with hazelnut gelato.

      From The Best Desserts in Cape Town: "You’ll find a particularly luxurious version of the chocolate tart at this popular Italian restaurant. It’s dense, fudgey, with an earthy chocolatey flavour that’s not too sweet. The hazelnut gelato balances the richness wonderfully. As you dip your spoons in, there’ll be a hush in conversation (for all the right reasons)."

    • Dolce della Nonna

      Dolce della Nonna

      Layers of amaretti biscuits, zabaglione, cream, walnuts & grated chocolate.

    • Pavlova


      Meringue topped with whipped cream, fresh fruit & berries.

    • Panna Cotta

      Panna Cotta

      White chocolate and vanilla pod, served with a berry coulis.

    • Tiramisù


      Layers of savoiardi biscuits soaked in espresso & liqueur, with a mascarpone cream.

    • Piatto di Cioccolato

      Piatto di Cioccolato

      An assortment of four chocolate truffles.

    • Piatto di Formaggio

      Piatto di Formaggio

      Selection of cheeses with preserved figs, nuts, onion marmalade and crackers.

    • Pane al Burro

      Pane al Burro

      Bread & butter pudding made from fresh croissants, rum & sultanas, served with gelato.



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