A Tavola’s Wine List

We take great pride in our carefully selected and often updated wine list, which is why we don’t publish it online. Instead, we’d like to tell you about how we select our wines.

We’re wine enthusiasts and we are passionate about introducing every guest to great quality wines – life is too short for average, mass-produced wines. We travel regularly to Italian and South African wine estates and source wines based on exceptional quality and value for money. We often buy directly from small, family-run vineyards in Italy through the services of an import agent who is a personal friend and who dines regularly with us. Any savings we can achieve we pass directly onto you, and we judiciously avoid the all-too-common practice of rapaciously marking up wines. It’s our sincere hope that if we offer exceptional quality at good value you’ll visit us again (and maybe even tell your friends).

A Tavola's wine list

A small sample of A Tavola’s local Cellar Selection

As you can see, we take the sourcing of our wines seriously – we turn down the majority of suppliers who ask to be listed. We believe that a rambling, enthusiastic wine list is far too confusing and that your meal should never have to start with a challenging wine selection process. We usually limit our selection to around 15 local whites and reds, 5 Italian whites and reds and 15 premium ‘Cellar Selection’ wines. Prices range from R135 for a Chenin Blanc to R595 for a very special local Barbera with a John Platter rating of 5 stars.

A Tavola wine list imported

A small sample of A Tavola’s imported Cellar Selection

Wines by the Glass

We also believe that the standard 750 ml bottle is no longer the necessary unit of wine consumption, so we use a specialist wine preservation system to offer a wide range of local and imported wines by the glass. Prices range from R45 for a 250ml carafe of Chenin Blanc to R75 for a stunning medium-bodied Italian Sangiovese. In most cases, ordering three glasses costs no more than the bottle. We want to make it as easy as possible for each guest to choose their own favourite wine.

How we Select our Wine Glasses

We take our glassware just as seriously as we take what we put in them. The shape of the wineglass allows you to nose the aroma.

Releasing aromas. Enjoying wine is all about aromas. It’s the same joy as smelling bacon frying or sniffing a hot cup of Chai tea. With wine, the aromas are released as the alcohol volatilizes from the surface of the wine. Having an increased surface area is a benefit to optimize releasing aromas while drinking. There have been studies to show how swirling wine increases surface area.

Collecting aromas. Depending on the style of wine, you may want a large aroma collector or a smaller one. There are no set rules, but as you know white wines typically have smaller aroma collectors and bowls to maintain their temperature whereas red wines typically have larger bowls to showcase their aromas.

Thin lips. There are differing opinions on the lip of a glass, however the general consensus is that the thinner the lip of the glass, the less ‘in the way’ the glass is to the drinking experience.

We’ve selected our red and white wine glasses taking these factors into account, and you’ll be delighted at the quality of our glasses.

A Tavola wine glass

A Tavola’s crystal wine glasses. Image courtesy of Bernard Myburgh.


Finally, we know there will be the occasional special celebration for which you’d like to bring along your own wine. You’re welcome to do so, and we’ll charge a modest R70 per 750ml bottle as corkage.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’d like to enjoy one of our superb wines, why not book a table today?

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