An alternative to the Kingsbury Hospital Cafeteria

Let’s be real for a second — hospital food is notoriously bad. And while the Kingsbury hospital cafeteria is a convenient stop for last minute essentials, many of our guests discovered us because they wanted a wholesome, tasty Italian meal which a hospital cafeteria simply cannot provide. We’re just across the road from the Kingsbury hospital cafeteria and any of our dishes can be prepared as a takeaway (either plated or in takeaway containers).

Our exceptionally quick service means you can enjoy a 2-course meal and be done in 45 minutes (if required) and there’s easy parking either at street level or in our secure underground parking – hurray!

What makes us a great alternative to the Kingsbury hospital cafeteria?


Come on, let’s do this!


kingsbury hospital cafeteria

A Tavola is the ideal alternative to the Kingsbury Hospital Cafeteria, since we’re just across the road – less than a 4 minute walk to tasty Italian homestyle cooking.