A Tavola Menu Prices

You will notice that we do not include prices in our online menus. While we have our reasons, we understand your need for a good value-for-money Italian meal in Cape Town, without being ripped off. We also know that there are many restaurants who take advantage of Cape Town’s tourists by charging like wounded bulls. Just like you, we believe that’s just not cricket. However, we also don’t believe in sacrificing quality and so…

Our prices are reasonable, but we’re not “cheap”

Just like you, we love good food…
Oh wait, no!
We are obsessed with enjoying good food and sharing our space and time with people like you who believe that life is too short to eat average food and drink bad wine. And so we’re not cheap. If you’re looking for a cheap bowl of uninspiring and insipid pasta, or — heaven forbid — a deep crust pizza (shock, horror!) may we respectfully suggest that there are other Italian dining options that might suit you better.

But if you too are passionate about wholesome, hearty Italian fare and don’t want to be ripped off, why not give us a try? You will find — just like the recent diners who sang our praises at the bottom of this page — that we offer incredibly good and authentic Italian food at reasonable prices.

Consider this:

We’re located in a residential area in Cape Town’s southern suburbs, far away from all the touristy attractions in Cape Town. On an average night, 83% of our diners have visited us more than 3 times in the preceding 3 months (many visit 3 or more times per week!). We know this because we are fixated on building a long-term friendship with repeat visitors, and so we track these stats carefully. Locals know when a restaurant is a rip-off, and if our prices were sky-high, they certainly wouldn’t return.

“A Tavola is consistently full on any night of the week, and in Cape Town, locals vote with their wallets. They must be doing something right.” — A recently overheard guest comment

In fact, many of our European visitors tell us our imported wine prices are cheaper than they pay in Europe. Even regulars encourage us to increase our prices so that they can more easily get last minute tables – go figure!

To give you an idea of our pricing, we are listed as “Mid-range” on Wikitravel.  Our starters range between R58 for Zucchini Fritti (deep-fried baby marrow chips) and R92 for Steak Tartare. Our generous pasta dishes (that don’t need to be “upsized” for a filling meal) range between R118 and R145. Secondi dishes (meat and fish) range between R135 and R185.

You might also be interested in our extensive yet reasonably priced wine list.

So, now you know our pricing philosophy. While we’ve explained what our menu items cost, you can’t put a price on the experience our friendly waitrons and expert kitchen staff have in store for you 😉

What others say of A Tavola’s menu and prices

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A Tavola Menu Prices

A Tavola prices are fair, but we’re not cheap, because authentic Italian food demands the best ingredients.