Looking for a fabulous restaurant near Rondebosch?

Guests often say A Tavola is one of the best restaurants near Rondebosch. We’re only a 10 minute hop and a skip from the University of Cape Town and with free underground or on-street parking we’re close and convenient:

Best Italian restaurant near Rondebosch?

We’ve been listed Number 1 on The Inside Guide’s list of Best Italian Restaurants in Cape Town, where they had this to say:

A Tavola’s passionate owner is committed to using organic herbs and vegetables, pasture-reared beef, sustainable fish and handmade pasta (including wheat and gluten-free) in all their tasty dishes.

What makes the best restaurant near Rondebosch so special?

It all starts from the source:

  • Organic products from local growers who love our planet and would never do anything to harm her
  • Free range livestock nurtured by farmers who care
  • Fish sourced in a sustainable manner, without depleting the oceans
  • Handmade (including wheat- and gluten-free) pasta’s

And finally we prepare and present your dish with care, love and most importantly, passion.
Buon appetito!

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